A Shorten Labor Government will commit $2 million towards upgrading the netball facilities at Berkeley’s Fred Finch Park. 
This election will be a choice between a Shorten Labor Government with a plan for the infrastructure our community needs, or more cuts and chaos from the Liberals.  
The upgrade of courts and lighting to a suitable standard will mean that Fred Finch Park would be able to host state and national events.

As they are, the facilities do not comply with the current National Facilities Guidelines for run off from the end and between the courts. 
Around 3000 participants use the courts, and this funding commitment comes ahead of the Illawarra Netball Season Launch on Saturday. 
This funding will allow upgrade works including: 

  • Restructure of the netball courts.
  • Removal and replacement of lighting poles, goalposts and any other obstructions.
  • Resurfacing the courts.

Proposed construction of this multi-million dollar project would be phased over multiple years outside of the netball season.

This announcement comes on the back of Labor’s $20 million commitment to Netball Australia. 
This investment will help fund a range of Netball Australia’s grassroots participation and engagement programs, and ensure a strong future for netball in Australia. 
Netball has the highest rate of female participation of any club sport in Australia. AusPlay research released in April this year showed netball is particularly important for girls’ participation in organised activity outside of school hours.  
The benefits of team sport for kids is well known, particularly for girls, in helping to develop confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills and make new friends. 

Labor has made hard budget decisions to ensure our priorities are fully paid for – we will make multinationals pay their fair share and close unsustainable tax loopholes used by the top end of town, because we want to help a new generation of young girls fall in love with netball and inspire the next generation of Aussie Diamonds.