Last night’s Federal Budget was a pathetic attempt to cover up the past six years of cuts and chaos by the Liberal and National Coalition.

The Illawarra was, yet again, left high and dry with not one cent for infrastructure. No Maldon Dombarton Rail Link funding. No funding for our local university. No funding for local roads. No funding for local schools.

Scott Morrison and his chaotic government have practically copied Labor’s tax cuts for working and middle class people in the vain hope that it will make up for six years of penalty rate cuts, job insecurity, no wage growth and a slowing economy.

The Liberals are so out of touch that they’ve given a much smaller tax cut to two million Australians earning less than $40,000. Labor will fix this and give these working people the tax relief they deserve.

The Liberal’s plan for the past six years has been to prioritise an $80 billion tax handout for the top end of town while cutting Medicare, hospitals, vocational education and schools which has hit Australian families hard.

This budget: 

  • Fails to reverse cuts to schools and hospitals. 
  • Fails to reverse cuts to TAFE and apprenticeships – in the past six years, the Liberals have cut $3 billion from TAFE and skills, and cut 150,000 apprenticeship places.
  • Fails to address the home care crisis – with 128,000 on the waiting list this budget does not deliver one new package that the Government hasn’t already announced.
  • Promises a surplus that is subsidised by short-changing people with disability through a massive underspend in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Our Fair Go Action Plan will put people first. If elected we will. 

  • Fix our schools and hospitals. Restore funding cut by the Liberals and Nationals, to ensure every community has quality public schools and hospitals.
  • Ease pressure on family budgets. Tax breaks for workers, not the top end of town.
  • Stand up for workers. Reverse cuts to penalty rates and crack down on abuse of labour hire and 457 visas.
  • Invest in cheaper, cleaner energy. More renewables to put downward pressure on power prices
  • Build a strong economy that works for us all. Make the top end of town pay their fair share, so we can build new infrastructure and give workers a fair go.