Liberals walking away from $42 million Mt Ousley upgrades

It is time the Liberal Party confirmed one way or another their plans for the $42 million Mt Ousley upgrade announced in the Federal Labor Government’s 2013-14 Budget.

The Rudd Labor Government will ensure this vital upgrade will go ahead.

But the Liberal Party is silent on the matter.

The Liberal Party has not said one word about what would happen to $8.4 billion in infrastructure projects if Tony Abbott wins the election, including the $42 million upgrade of Mt Ousley Road.

“The $42 million upgrade of Mt Ousley Road was announced and is included in the forward estimates of the 2013-14 Budget.

“The Liberal candidate for Cunningham has to make clear where he stands on this important infrastructure project.

“Will the Liberals stand by the project as I am doing or will they walk away from it?

“Will the Liberals rip away the $42 million allocated for the Mt Ousley upgrade?

“Everyone knows precisely where I stand on this infrastructure project.

“It’s time for the Liberals to come clean on whether they support this essential upgrade or whether they will pinch the $42 million and spend it elsewhere”, Ms Bird said.

Ms Bird said that a spokesperson from the office of the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Warren Truss, told the Australian Financial Review on 13 August 2013:

“Obviously projects under way will continue, but we reserve the right to reprioritise others…”

Is the Mt Ousley upgrade a project that will be cut by an Abbott Government?

Funding for this project is included in the Budget.