Liberals Withholding $2.7 Million From University Of Wollongong


Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones today slammed the Abbott Government for withholding $2.72 million from the University of Wollongong – money it should have paid more than a year ago.


Questions on notice from the Department of Education reveal that Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne are withholding $129 million from Australian universities leaving them with a budget balancing act while they wait for payment.


The Liberals are withholding an efficiency dividend from universities, even though they have never put the necessary legislation to a vote in the Senate because they know it would be defeated.


As soon as Christopher Pyne decided not to seek a vote on his legislation to cut university funding, he should have done the right thing.


“This is money should have been returned our local University.  It is unfair for the Abbott Government to continue to withhold vital funding,” Sharon Bird said.


“The Abbott Government is creating chaos in the sector and leaving university budgets in limbo.  Christopher Pyne needs to come up with a positive policy for the future of higher education and bring some certainty back to the sector.


“The Liberals’ plan for $100,000 degrees and 20 per cent funding cuts is still on the table, and still in the Budget and it has been voted down twice,” Stephen Jones said.


“Australians do not like Christopher Pyne’s current package and the more they see of it, the more they oppose it.


The Abbott Government needs to do the right thing and stop playing games with higher education sector.


FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2015