Local Employment Coordinator Will Be Missed

Local Federal Members, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, today expressed their sincJane_Robinson1.jpgere appreciation for the five years of service of Local Employment Coordinator, Jane Robinson, and Employment Project Officer, John Morris, at the final meeting of the Local Employment Coordinator’s Advisory Committee.

Ms Robinson was appointed as the Illawarra Local Employment Coordinator in July 2009 to assist the region during the Global Financial Crisis.  Ms Robinson has worked with local employers, community groups and all levels of government to help increase local jobs and assist retrenched workers and other job seekers.

Ms Robinson formed a Rapid Response Team to support retrenched workers from Poppets, King Gee, Bonds, Bluescope and other manufacturing companies in the Illawarra.  The Rapid Response Team played a vital role in bringing together Centrelink, State Training Services and Job Services providers to help job seekers connect with employment and training opportunities.

The Local Employment Coordinator position has been axed by the Abbott Government which has ripped $800,000 from the flexible funding pool for the 21 priority employment areas around the country.

Without a Local Employment Coordinator, job seekers will find it harder to gain employment.

“Jane has been an invaluable asset to our region. Thousands of locals have been directed into further education, training and secured new jobs because of her dedication and hard work”, said Stephen Jones.  

“Jane and John have been a tremendous support to employers and workers in the region, who have been through some very tough times”, said Sharon Bird.

“On behalf of the region, Stephen and I thank them for their years of hard work and wish them all the very best for the future.”

Friday 27 June, 2014