Local hotel gives people with a disability a fair go

29 April 2013

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves a fair go, the Chifley Hotel sets a great example for other Illawarra businesses to employ people with a disability.

Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird MP congratulated the Wollongong hotel for employing two people with a disability and creating another extra employment opportunity through one of its contractor relationships. 

Ms Bird said the Chifley Hotel had helped three Illawarra residents living with a disability, injury or health condition to get a job and learn new skills in the hospitality industry.

“It is this kind of partnership, commitment and on-going support from businesses in the local community which really makes a difference to people’s lives,” Ms Bird said.

Chifley Hotel maintenance manager Ian Craig was first contacted by disability employment services provider CRS Australia when he was looking for some maintenance staff. 

“I think everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves so I was happy to work with CRS Australia to find the right person for the job,” Mr Craig said.

Steven, a CRS Australia job seeker, has a health condition that affects his ability to sit, stand and move around freely. The hotel environment is conducive to learning new skills on the job and the varied work does not exacerbate Steven’s condition.
“The one-on-one training provided by Steven’s supervisor was an opportunity to check how he was going physically and emotionally too,” Mr Craig said.

CRS Australia arranged access to further training so Steven could enhance his work skills and knowledge. 

Mr Craig said the partnership with CRS Australia, and the opportunity to work with Steven, have highlighted how having a job can turn a person’s life around.

“It fills me with pride to see what a difference giving someone a job can make. All it takes is to have someone believe in you,” Mr Craig said.

“The commitment shown by the Chifley Hotel, in providing employment opportunities to CRS Australia jobseekers, is worthy of recognition. It is fantastic to see local organisations utilising these services for the benefit of our community” Sharon Bird said.

CRS Australia is part of the Australian Government Department of Human Services. It provides disability employment services to people with a disability, injury or health condition, and recruitment, injury prevention and management services to employers.