Local MPs welcome field study on Maldon to Dombarton Rail Link

26 February 2013

Local MPs Stephen Jones and Sharon Bird today welcomed the news that teams of specialist engineers and environmental advisors have begun work on the Maldon to Dombarton Rail Link Project.

The specialists will identify and investigate the design, safety and conservation issues associated with the proposal.

“This stage is about making sure we get the planning right from the very beginning”, said Ms Bird.

“The work these consultants and specialists are doing is critical to ensuring that the Maldon Dombarton project gets the necessary environmental approval to keep it moving forward.”

“Our aim is to have all of the preliminary work completed by 2014 so the project can be considered for possible inclusion in the Government’s next rail construction program”, said Mr Jones.

“The Maldon Dombarton Rail Link is critical economic infrastructure for the Illawarra, and when built will drive our regional growth for the next three years and beyond.”