MacFarlane Repeats Offensive Tatts ‘n Mags Claim

While trying desperately to defend the Government’s massive cuts to skills and training, Minister ‘Tatts ‘n Mags’ Macfarlane, again accused apprentices of spending their Tools for Your Trades funds on tattoos and mag wheels.

The Minister persisted with his accusation that apprentices are not being responsible with this money.  This is despite the fact that his Trade Support Loans, which will leave them with a debt, apparently have no limits on what they can be spent on.

Employers, apprentices and their families are furious that this grant has been abolished despite no indication of this from the Abbott Government before the election.  Existing apprentices in particular will now miss out on several payments that they would have factored into their future income.

Both the Prime Minister and the Minister in Question Time today tried to spin over $1 billion in cuts to apprenticeship programs as ‘support’ for apprentices.  The reality is far different:

Australian Apprenticeships Access Program - CUT

Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Program - CUT 

Tools for Your Trade - CUT