Minister Confirms Further Cuts To Apprentices

Minister McFarlane yesterday confirmed a further cut of $10 million per year has been made to support for apprentices through his new Australian Apprentices Support Network.

“The Minister rebadged Australian Apprentices Centres with a new name and a previously secret big funding cut.  The new Network is also expected to do additional tasks such as providing job matching, mentoring and support,” Sharon Bird said.

Existing Apprenticeship Centres were allocated approximately $210 million per year over the forward estimates.  The Minister has confirmed a cut to the annual allocation by $10 million.

This cut comes on top of the abolition of the Tools for Your Trade Program, the Australian Apprenticeship Access Program, the Australian Apprenticeship Mentoring Program and the Apprentice to Business Owner Program – all axed by the Abbott Government in the budget earlier this year.

Programs Cut:

  • Tools for Your Trade Program                                   Approx $915 million
  • Australian Apprenticeship Access Program                  Approx $18 million
  • Australian Apprenticeship Mentoring Program             Approx $32 million
  • Accelerated Australian Apprenticeships Program         Approx $4 million
  • Apprentice to Business Owner Program                      Approx $11 million