Minister Refuses To Rule Out GST On TAFE Fees


Today in Question Time, Minister for Vocational Education, Luke Hartsuyker, refused to rule out a GST – either the current 10 per cent or the proposed 15 per cent on vocational costs such as TAFE fees.


Rather than answer whether the Turnbull Government intends to put a GST on TAFE fees, the Minister waffled about the tax system of the future and, despite being asked to directly answer the question again, chose to duck and weave and avoid directly answering the question.


Despite the fact that the vocational education system is in crisis, with shonky providers preying on vulnerable people, yesterday the Government knocked back Labor proposals to take strong action to protect students from these expensive rip-offs.

It will be left to students, taxpayers and the economy to foot the bill for their refusal to fix this problem after two years in Government.


Today they made it clear that under any GST increases they have no plans to protect students from paying an extra 10 or 15 per cent on their TAFE fees.


 Click here for Hansard extract.