More Chaos At The Heart Of Government: Birmingham Vs Ryan

Reports today that Ministers Simon Birmingham and Scott Ryan were at odds on vocational education and training sector reform indicated that there was continuing chaos in the Turnbull Government.


The Liberals cannot agree on anything – they are at war with themselves.  Every day there is another fight or division amongst the Government.


Following the Liberal Government’s leaked takeover plans revealed by Fairfax in February, a number of State Liberal Ministers have spoken out against the idea.  Today they were joined by Senator Scott Ryan, new Minister for Vocational Education and Skills.


Since his elevation to the Education portfolio, Minister Birmingham has consistently argued for a federal takeover of TAFE. 


"By placing control of all of the funding levers — the setting of fees, payment of subsidies, and lending of income-contingent loans —” with one level of government, we would promote accountability in the system and could create a more effective market, driven by students rather than providers, than we've seen to date," he told a TAFE Directors Australia conference.

Minister Simon Birmingham, Sydney Morning Herald, 11/9/2015.


Minister Ryan has now openly contradicted Minister Birmingham’s position on this issue.


"… my personal inclination has not usually been that a federal takeover ensures better outcomes," 

"My prediction would be we won't be heading down that path."

Minister Scott Ryan, The Age, 11/3/2016


The Liberals have an appalling track record in the vocational education sector so far – they cannot be trusted with our TAFEs.

They have already cut almost $2.5 billion from vocational education, including a massive $1 billion cut to apprentices.

Malcolm Turnbull must step in and come clean on what the Liberals plan to do with TAFE and put an end to the chaos in the vocational education and training portfolio.