More Job Losses – Time For Turnbull To Act

Local Federal MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, today called on Malcolm Turnbull to step up and help the region following the announcement that 300 local workers will be made redundant by South 32.


The latest announcement by South 32 follows hundreds of job losses over recent months at BlueScope, Wollongong Coal, Illawarra Coal, AHM and Fairfax and further emphasises the urgent need for the Turnbull Government to act to help retrenched workers in the Illawarra and support the local region with the development of new jobs


To date, the Turnbull Government has refused to commit to strengthen anti-dumping measures. 


They have refused to work with steel producers to maximise the use of Australian steel.


They have refused to guarantee that the government would not repeal or weaken the Australian Jobs Act.


They promised to reinstate our Illawarra Local Employment Coordinator in December last year but haven’t bothered to act.


They have been completely silent on infrastructure projects such as the Maldon Dombarton Rail Link.


They have refused to locate local entrepreneur advisers in the Illawarra or establish programs to help the Illawarra take advantage of industries that are growing through the NBN.


“If this latest announcement doesn’t serve as a wake-up call to the Turnbull Government I don’t know what will.  Malcolm Turnbull needs to stop ignoring the Illawarra and step up to help local workers,” Sharon Bird said. 


“Stephen and I have repeatedly called on Malcolm Turnbull to stop ignoring our region and put sensible measures in place to help the Illawarra.


“The Industry Minister can’t even be bothered to visit the region.  The job losses keep coming and the Turnbull Government is doing nothing to help.


Stephen Jones said Malcolm Turnbull’s lack of action was a slap in the face for the workers who will be retrenched.


“Through his inaction, Malcolm Turnbull is sending a strong message to the region – he just doesn’t care.


“The region needs help and we need it now. 


“Our thoughts are with the 300 workers and their families.  We will continue to work closely with the company and the unions to ensure these workers get any assistance they need,” the MPs concluded.