Scott Morrison has been busted taking his rorts to the streets, with over 70 percent or $2.1 billion allocated from the Urban Congestion Fund going to Liberal Party seats and not a cent for the Illawarra.


The Urban Congestion Fund was established in the 2018 Budget, a year before the election. The Government did nothing for a year then topped up the Fund in the 2019 Budget.


Despite announcing over 30 projects across regional Australia, not a cent was allocated to reducing congestion and improving road safety in the Illawarra.


This is in stark contrast to Labor’s long standing commitments for infrastructure investments to support our port, our local economy and reduce congestion on vital arterial links to Sydney and south-west Sydney.


The Picton Road remains on Infrastructure Australia’s Priority List and is also strongly supported in the Illawarra Business Chamber’s report Upgrading Road Connectivity Between the Illawarra and Greater Sydney (May 2018).  The report forecasts that Mount Ousley and the Picton Road will reach capacity in the middle of this decade.


Transport links from our port to south-western Sydney, including both Appin and Picton Roads, are strategically important in the development of the Western Sydney Airport. 


Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Catherine King said: “Scott Morrison’s response to rising traffic congestion across Australia was to systematically rort billions of taxpayers’ money for his own political purposes.”


“He then used a further $17 million of taxpayer funds on pre-election advertisements to tell us how good it was,” Ms King said.


The people of the Illawarra have had enough of Scott Morrison’s rorts.


Does the Prime Minister seriously think residents in the Illawarra don’t face traffic congestion and road safety issues? Does he take us for mugs?


Commute times in regional Australia are rising faster than our major cities, but Scott Morrison’s rorts leave families and tradies stuck in the slow lane.


Labor has written to the Auditor-General requesting an audit into the design, management and politicisation of the Urban Congestion Fund.


We know there isn’t a taxpayer funded program that Scott Morrison won’t use for his own political purposes.