A Shorten Labor Government will provide $80,000 to Mt Keira Men’s Shed for a tractor and $35,000 to Mt Keira Scout Camp for a new water treatment and purification system. 

This election is a choice between Labor delivering the infrastructure our community deserves, or more cuts and chaos from the Liberals.  

The Men’s Shed and the Scout Camp work hand in hand with the Men’s Shed serving as the Camp Warden’s unofficial maintenance team. 

The tractor funding also includes a cab, backhoe, post-hole drive and forklift attachments, a Euro hitch and rock bucket.  This funding will help to keep the Scout Camp and surrounding areas safe and well maintained for bush walkers, Scouting groups, wedding groups and other organisations who regularly use the facilities at and around the camp. 

The current water system from the natural spring at the camp is over 50 years old and Labor’s funding will bring it up to current standards which demand a much more sophisticated system. 

Labor believes in investing in our communities and Labor has a plan to deliver the services our community needs.   

To date, Labor has announced over $136 million in local commitments for Cunningham including:

  • $50 million for Maldon Dombarton Rail Link.  
  • $55 million for safety upgrades to the Appin Road and construction of a koala pass for rare local koala colony.  
  • $11 million for the University of Wollongong – including $10 million for Facility of Intelligent Fabrication and $1 million to establish the 3D BioPrinting Facility.   
  • $18 million in extra funding for local public schools in Cunningham.  
  • Reopening the Warrawong Centrelink and Medicare Office.  
  • $2 million towards upgrading the netball facilities at Berkeley’s Fred Finch Park.  
  • $57,000 for industrial fans for Greenacres.  
  • $135,000 for tree illumination in Port Kembla. 
  • $20,000 to construct an outdoor workspace for Coniston Multicultural Men’s Shed. 

After six years of cuts and chaos under the Liberals, Labor is ready to support and invest in our local regions and communities.