NBN Rollout

Federal Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird and Federal Member for Throsby, Stephen Jones, today welcomed the release of detailed maps by NBN Co, showing where construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will start in Wollongong and Dapto.

“This is really exciting for local families and business in Wollongong and Dapto,” Sharon Bird said.

“In around 12 months’ time, people in Wollongong and Dapto will actually be able to start connecting to the National Broadband Network.

“The map shows that NBN fibre is being rolled out in central Wollongong and Dapto, which will allow more residents access to faster, affordable and more reliable broadband.”

“The release of this map means that work is starting in this area and over the next few months, we’ll start to see NBN Co workers in our local area doing the detailed planning and inspections and then actually rolling out the fibre.

“Twelve months from now, construction of the NBN in central Wollongong and Dapto should be completed. This means that families and businesses will be able to connect to faster, more reliable broadband services. A standard NBN connection to the home or office is free – and retail services are already available on the NBN from around $30 a month with no line rental.

Stephen Jones said, “The National Broadband Network is about preparing Australia for the future. It’s about ensuring that our local communities in places like Wollongong and Dapto aren’t left behind as the world and our local economy changes.”

“From seeing your local doctor from home, to your kids being able to take a specialist class at another school – the NBN will change the way we live, work, and access services. It will lead to a new wave of innovation, and I’m delighted that people in Wollongong and Dapto will be among the first to benefit.”

“The only threat to this progress is if Tony Abbott gets into government. Tony Abbott has said that the investment in the NBN is something “we don’t need[i]” and the Coalition will stop the NBN in its tracks. The choice is clear: vote for Labor and you’ll get the NBN, vote for Tony Abbott and you won’t.”

For more information on when the NBN is coming to your area, you can go to www.nbnco.com.au/rollout and type in your address.