Keeping cool in summer will no longer be a problem for workers at Greenacres with the addition of a brand new “Big Ass Fan” in Building 1 of the Enterprise facilities at Ralph Black Drive.

Sharon Bird was pleased to switch on the new huge fan that was made possible with a $7,500 grant through the Stronger Communities Programme Round 4. The total project cost was $15,000.

Participation in employment builds confidence and enables Greenacres to gain financial and social independence. Some employees struggle to remain at work for longer periods during summer due to hot and humid conditions. A more comfortable work environment will allow continuous access to work for a wider range of people with disability.

Sharon Bird said she loved visiting Greenacres to meet with the workers there as they were passionate, hard-working and really loved their workplace.

“The fan will make a huge difference to the workers at Greenacres and help them to continue doing the work they love during the warmer months.

“Chris Christodoulou and the management team here are committed to ensuring that the workers have a pleasant work environment and the new fan will help during summer.

The workers at Greenacres appreciated the installation of the fan and had the following comments:

Quotes from Greenacres Enterprises Supported Employees

“The big fan will make it much better when it is hot – I love it!”
Sam Gaskell

“When I get too hot I feel tired and dizzy. I think this fan will stop that happening.”
Trent Potter

“I think it is a great innovation and it will change the work environment for us.”
Brian Lynch

“It is the biggest fan I have ever seen. It can get quite hot in here and I think this will make a big difference.”
Andrew Braan

“I really like the new fan – it looks like a helicopter and it makes where I sit at work nice and cool.”

Madeline Ramsay