New online tool for students

A new online search tool makes it easier to find out about eligibility for student payments, including Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY.

Parliamentary Secretary for Higher Education and Skills, Sharon Bird, said the Study Assist website now offers a new way to find out about the range of financial assistance available while studying.

“The Study Assist website brings together a wide range of information that a student needs to know about financing tertiary study,” Ms Bird said.

“The site offers a new quick and simple interactive tool where students can answer up to six short questions to find out about their eligibility for student payments.

“There’s also information about scholarships and government student loans that help cover the cost of study.”

Recent upgrades now make it easier for students to access the Study Assist website on a range of electronic devices as well as share information using social media.

“Figuring out what and where to study is difficult enough for most students –this website makes it easier to find what financial support they might be eligible for,” Ms Bird said.

Ms Bird said the website also has a new web-based Student Income Support Guide for career advisors to help them provide advice to students who are considering undertaking tertiary study or an Australian Apprenticeship.

“It means that students will find it easier to make decisions and plan ahead.”

Visit the Study Assist website at or view the new interactive search tool at