58 new scholarships awarded

Fifty eight Australians will be supported to gain qualifications in Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) teaching through Round 3 of the Practitioner Scholarships Program.

Parliamentary Secretary for Higher Education and Skills, Sharon Bird, announced the boost in scholarships today.

Successful applicants, including four Indigenous Australians, will receive up to $5,250 this year to support their study towards an adult LLN Practitioner qualification.

“The Scholarship Program aims to provide an incentive for individuals to become LLN teachers or trainers by supporting them to undertake approved study towards a practitioner qualification,” Ms Bird said.

“It is important that there are enough skilled teachers and trainers available to meet the needs of those wanting to improve their reading, writing and maths skills.

“The scholarships announced today are on top of the 204 scholarships awarded in the first two years of this program.

“The Government has committed more than $2 million over five years to 2013-14 to help address the shortage of qualified literacy and numeracy trainers.”

The Australian Government is investing in a range of programs and initiatives to support access to foundation skills development for both employed and unemployed adults.

With the current adult LLN practitioner workforce getting older, and growing demand for skills training there is a need to proactively support more entrants into this field.

The next round of LLN Practitioner Scholarships Program will be advertised in national press and at www.innovation.gov.au in September 2012 for study commencing in 2013.

Suitable qualifications must be accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework and must include a specialisation in adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy practice.

For details of the successful applicants visit: http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/LitandNum/Scholarships/Pages/FurtherInformation.aspx