No Voice For Workers Or Students On VET Committee


The Abbott Government has put the final nail in the coffin for a fair and tri-partite approach to training with the announcement today of the composition of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.


“This Government is determined to ensure that the advice it receives from the VET sector is as narrow as possible,” Sharon Bird said.


“There has been collaboration on the development of training packages for over 30 years and Australia’s training system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world.  


“The previous system of Industry Skills Councils brought the voices of industry, unions and professional organisations to the table to ensure that all stakeholders had a voice.  Minister Birmingham has failed to ensure the inclusion of any voices representing workers or students on this peak council or on the subsidiary Industry Reference Committees.


“I think the Minister is making a big mistake by ignoring all other stakeholders.  We need a balanced and considered approach to training.


The Abbott Government last year also abolished of the Australian Workforce Productivity Agency (AWPA) which was a highly regarded tripartite body, producing valuable research and advice.


“Minister Birmingham needs to include the views and concerns of students and workers.  They have a lifelong interest in ensuring that they obtain quality skills that are portable in our economy.


“This is very short-sighted and unfair.  I think Minister Birmingham is making a huge mistake and unfortunately it will be our students and workers that pay the price.”


FRIDAY, 8 MAY 2015