Opposition frontbencher deceives local pensioners

Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella has again been caught out shamefully scaring pensioners and self-funded retirees.

On ABC Illawarra this morning Mrs Mirabella claimed that self-funded retirees on low incomes were not receiving assistance under the Clean Energy Future package.

Mrs Mirabella cited the example of a couple under 65:

I’ve had a couple come to me, they earn $36,000 a year for both of them. They’re both under 65 ... but they get no compensation. (Mrs Mirabella, ABC Illawarra, 4 July 2012)

Mrs Mirabella is just plain wrong.

Self-funded retiree couples with an income of up to $45,000 a year combined may be eligible for the $300 Low Income Supplement payment.

The Low Income Supplement is a new annual $300 payment for self-funded retirees and other low income households who do not receive adequate assistance through the tax or payments system.

This is just another sad chapter in the Liberal Party’s disgraceful scare campaign.

If Mrs Mirabella was interested in helping pensioners and self-funded retirees she should have provided them with the correct information on their eligibility and referred them to their local Centrelink office.

The fact is the carbon price is expected to have a price impact of 0.7% on the CPI. That’s less than a cent for every dollar spent and less than a third of the impact of the GST.

Mrs Mirabella and her friends are slithering around the country trying to mislead Australian seniors. The truth is that if they are ever in Government, they have promised to take away every cent of Federal Labor’s extra assistance for pensioners and self-funded retirees.

While the opposition continues its reckless scare campaign, Labor will continue to deliver for pensioners and self-funded retirees.