Over $1 Billion Cut To Apprentices Also Hits Most Disadvantaged

A program designed to work with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to help them into apprenticeships and a job has been one of the most savage cuts in the long list of skills programs cut by the Abbott Government.

In comments in the Australian newspaper today, Tony Nicholson, Director of the Brotherhood of St Lawrence, makes the point that “learn or earn” demands on young people require the government to provide the support and training programs needed to get young people the skills they need and get them into work.

The Australian Apprenticeships Access Program assisted vulnerable job seekers who find it difficult to enter employment with nationally recognised pre-vocational training, support and assistance. The program is delivered by local providers who work with local employers to deliver training to meet industry needs and participants receive individualised intensive job search assistance.

This Government has taken the axe to support for all apprentices – there was no warning to young tradies about the cut to Tools for Your Trade before the election and they are quite right to be furious about these cuts.

The Budget also cut the Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Program – a program for young people who face barriers to participation.  The program helps apprentices successfully complete their apprenticeships and provides support to their employers or supervisors. 

Tony Abbott has slashed nearly $2 billion out of skills programs and over $1 billion of these funds supported apprentices. 

Labor put in place real support to help young people, particularly in rural and regional Australia, get and finish an apprenticeship – Tony Abbott is ripping this support away.