Labor's $1 Billion Plan for Australian Jobs

New_TAFE_facilities_at_WG.JPGAs creating and supporting jobs is a primary objective of the Gillard Labor Government, we have been working with unions and industry to develop A Plan for Australian Jobs. Industry and workers across Cunningham are set to benefit from this $1 billion investment in boosting Australian innovation, productivity and competitiveness and creating jobs.

The Gillard Government will help local manufacturers win more work at home from major projects in areas such as mining and infrastructure. We will also support local industry to increase exports and win new business overseas and boost assistance for small businesses to grow.

The Plan will facilitate better collaboration between businesses and research institutions through a major new network of Industry Innovation Precincts. Local small businesses and start-up companies will be provided with expanded business assistance and better access to finance through measures to further stimulate Australia’s venture capital market.

Our vision is for Australia to have a broad-based economy with innovative, productive and competitive industries and high-skilled, well-paid, and rewarding jobs. The Gillard Government’s Plan for Australian Jobs is a $1 billion investment in this vision.

Our goal is to ensure Australia remains a country with a strong economy and decent, well-paid and skilled jobs and I will be working tirelessly to ensure that these benefits are captured for the people of the Illawarra.

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