Productivity Commission Report Proposals In Abbott’s Hands A Worry For Workers

Labor is deeply concerned about a proposal in the Productivity Commission’s draft report which puts forward a two-tier penalty rate system which would leave millions of Australian workers worse off.


The Productivity Commission’s draft report into Australia’s workplace relations system was released yesterday and makes a number of recommendations in relation to penalty rates, the minimum wage, unfair dismissal, individual arrangements, enterprise bargaining and the Fair Work Commission.


Sharon Bird said workers have every reason to be worried.


“When Tony Abbott was Minister for Workplace Relations, he championed the unfair Workchoices policy.  It is a really worry that these anti-worker proposals have been put forward by the Productivity Commission under his leadership.  Back in February the Prime Minister said that if people don’t want to work on weekends, then they shouldn’t,” Sharon Bird said. 


“Tony Abbott’s flippant attitude to penalty rates is a real worry for workers with these proposals on the table.


“The problem with the recommendation is that it cuts people’s wages” Stephen Jones said.


“Single parents, people juggling work and family, young people and university students, anyone that relies on Sunday penalties to survive will either be forced to work longer hours or take a pay cut. The government should rule this out and focus on creating new jobs and economic growth”