Question Without Notice - Liberal Big Business Tax Cuts

Ms BIRD (Cunningham) (14:39): My question is to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, every member of the government, including the member for Gilmore, voted five times to give big business a $65 billion handout today. If the government has its way, a single income family living in Nowra, earning $60,000, will pay an extra $300 in tax every year. Why is the Prime Minister hurting families in Nowra and my community to pay for his $65 billion handout to big business?

Mr TURNBULL (Wentworth – Prime Minister) (14:40): I thank the honourable member for her question. The honourable member, no doubt, has many families in her electorate who are clients of the NDIS and look forward to having services paid for through the NDIS. No doubt those very people would be concerned that the NDIS is actually paid for, because they'll want certainty. When they say to the honourable member, 'How can we be sure it's paid for?' if she told the truth, she'd have to say, 'Labor has no plan to do so.' Labor announced the policy, secured the agreement of the coalition, then in opposition, for an increase in the Medicare levy, which we supported and which was widely supported in the community, and then failed to deliver the funding to pay for the rest of the NDIS. So it's the Labor Party's shame and failure that we are addressing at the moment with the measure that she speaks of in the Senate. The real question is this: is the Labor Party prepared to look into the eyes of a parent with a disabled child and say to them, 'We can't guarantee the funding for your NDIS'? Because Labor can't. Labor has no plan and no money.

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The SPEAKER: Members on both sides! The member for Sydney!

Mr TURNBULL:       What they are voting against now is the certainty and the compassion that those families deserve.