RDA Illawarra appointments welcomed

Federal Labor Illawarra MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, have today welcomed the new appointments to the Regional Development Australia Illawarra (RDA Illawarra) Committee.

Mr Eddy De Gabriele has been re-appointed Chair of the RDA Illawarra.

He will be joined by two continuing re-appointed members, Helen Backhouse and Dianne Murray. Three new members have been appointed: Mr Warwick Shanks, Mr Daniel Rowan and Mr Craig Osborne.

“We welcome Eddy’s continued leadership of the RDA Illawarra, the addition of three new members and continued participation of Helen Backhouse and Dianne Murray.

“The RDA Illawarra has a blend of experience and new, fresh faces”, Ms Bird said.

Mr Jones said, “The RDA Illawarra has worked closely with both Sharon and I to progress a number of regional development initiatives, including the extension of the NBN roll-out.

“We look forward to working closely with the RDA Illawarra Committee to continue the economic transformation of the region.”

Ms Bird and Mr Jones expressed thanks and appreciation to out-going members, Peter O’Rourke, Greg Fisher and Geoff McQueen.