138,000 use Reading Writing Hotline

More than 138,000 callers to the Reading Writing Hotline have received help to improve their reading and writing skills, a new report shows.

Releasing an evaluation of the Hotline, Parliamentary Secretary for Skills, Sharon Bird, said it confirmed the unique and valuable service was an important means of helping people get in touch with training to improve their reading and writing skills.

“There are many Australians, including adults who left school early or didn’t grow up with English as their first language, who don’t have the level of literacy or maths they need to get ahead at work, read the news or help their kids with homework,” Ms Bird said.

“Since it began in 1994, the Hotline has been providing an essential first point of contact for adults who want to improve their English language, reading, writing or maths skills.

“This report shows just how important this service is. Without the Hotline, 61 per cent of callers wouldn’t have taken any action to improve their reading, writing, spelling or maths.

“I encourage everyone in the community who believes they could benefit from literacy or numeracy training to give the Hotline a call.”

The report made a number of recommendations to continue to improve the hotline. These recommendations are now being considered by state and territory governments.

The report on the Evaluation of the Reading Writing Hotline can be found at http://www.innovation.gov.au/ReadingWritingHotline.

More information about the Hotline can be found at www.literacyline.edu.au.  For a referral to an adult literacy and numeracy class in your local area, phone the Hotline on 1300 6 555 06.