Rebuilding Coastal Communities

Labor believes that the conservation and rehabilitation of our environment has a central role to play in Australia’s plan for jobs and the COVID-19 recovery.

When Labor leader, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, set out Labor’s vision for Australia beyond the coronavirus in his fifth vision statement, he called for a conservation program to boost employment and protect the environment.

A well designed conservation program would boost regional employment, target weeds and pests, revitalise our rivers, reduce emissions and restore and build resilience in bushfire affected areas.

Australia was already confronting an extinction crisis prior to the national bushfire crisis. The fires over summer killed at least one billion animals and burned through more than 12 million hectares of land.

Labor has called for a national ecological audit for some time now, which would mobilise an army of scientists and on-the-ground land management specialists across state borders, in a national effort to tackle the environmental destruction we have seen.
This has not happened.

Instead, the Morrison Government continue to ignore the constructive ideas of the land management and conservation sectors, instead opting for “snap-back” policies that would see a longer and deeper recession, turning to their old ways of environmental mismanagement and destruction.

Labor wants to see laws, programs and institutional arrangements effectively conserve biodiversity and protect the environment, to address the extinction crisis and preserve nature for future generations.

As you know, Labor is not in government. We will continue to hold the Morrison Government to account.

Thank you for adding your voice. I encourage you to ensure others do the same by contacting the Minister. She can be reached at:

The Hon Sussan Ley MP

Minister for the Environment

PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
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