Reinvent Your Career Expo

23 March 2013

The ability of Australian workers to improve their skills and pursue new career opportunities will be critical to Australia’s economic future, a major jobs expo heard today.

Speaking at the Reinvent Your Career Expo in Brisbane, Parliamentary Secretary for Skills, Sharon Bird, said that as Australia’s economy grows and transforms people will have the opportunity to develop new skills and pursue new career paths.

“A highly skilled, motivated and adaptable workforce is absolutely essential as Australia’s economy powers ahead,” Ms Bird said.

“As demand for new skills across the economy grows—and as new careers opportunities open up—there are great opportunities for Australians to upgrade and improve their skills or to change their career path altogether.

“This is particularly the case for mature workers who make up the majority of the Australian workforce.

“Australia’s ageing population means that we need to make the most of our mature aged workers and draw upon the immense value and potential they offer.

“On average Australians will change careers seven times; Reinvent Your Career Expo provides valuable information and advice to help people who are looking to upgrade their skills or to change career paths altogether.

“This sort of change is good for individuals looking for a new challenge and good for the nation as a whole.”

Under Skills Connect, the Australian Government offers a range of targeted  programs to work with industry, businesses and their employees to address workforce and skills needs and ensure businesses have access to the skilled workers they need.

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The Reinvent Your Career Expo is at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 23-24 March 2013.