Senate Inquiry To Reveal The Hidden Details Of Government’s Child Care Changes

Parents, stakeholders and the community are encouraged to have their say about the Government's proposed child care changes, with only three weeks left for submissions to the Senate Inquiry.


Almost two years and three ministers after launching a Productivity Commission review, all the Government has delivered is confusion and rising prices for families, and there are far too many unanswered questions about how families will be impacted by the changes.


How many families will be worse off? How many children will be pushed out of early education? The Government either doesn't know what the impact of these changes will be, or they are refusing to say.


“Parents, the community and stakeholders have a vital role to play in voicing their concerns, and Labor encourages anyone with feedback about the child care changes to get involved and make a submission to the Senate Inquiry,” said Acting Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Sharon Bird.


“There is a suspicious lack of detail about the impacts of the changes, and this Inquiry is a chance to finally get the answers the Government is hiding.”

The closing date for submissions is 29 January 2016, with a report due by 17 March.

For more information or to submit a submission, visit