Sharon Bird – Transcript – WIN TV Illawarra, THURSDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2016

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SUBJECT/S: Vocational Education and Training 

PHILLIPS:      A document has revealed a federal takeover of TAFE, Shadow Minister for Vocational Education, Sharon Bird, says anyone with an interest in ensuring equitable education and options remain available has a responsibility to try and stop the proposal from going ahead. 

BIRD: It’s going to be devastating in our region and it is going to be devastating, quite honestly, across the whole country. TAFE has been a national asset for decades.  This is a direct attack on TAFE. 

PHILLIPS:      Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, raised the issue in Question Time asking why Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is planning what he labelled a TAFE destroying take- over. 

TURNBULL:   We are undertaking substantial reforms, restoring integrity to the vocational training sector. 

PHILLIPS:      Despite the claim not even the State Government is backing the proposal.