Labor’s Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones today called on Malcolm Turnbull to redouble efforts to stop Donald Trump’s plan for US tariffs on Australian steel.

It’s time Turnbull picked up the phone and spoke to the President of the United States directly to protect Australian companies, particularly BlueScope.

US tariffs would put the 400,000 tonnes which BlueScope Port Kembla exports to the US at risk.

It could also lead to the dumping of cheap steel from other countries into the global market and in Australia.

This would harm Australia’s two steel makers and threaten thousands of Australian jobs. We need to ensure the Anti-Dumping Commission is well resourced and has the power it needs to prevent dumping here in Australia.

Our region has been through the tough times and we can’t allow for this uncertainty to continue any longer.

Our steel workers need Malcolm Turnbull to focus, show leadership and stand up for these jobs and this region.