Stronger Communities Program Grants

Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones today encouraged local community groups to register an expression of interest for grants under the $45 million Stronger Communities Program. 

The stronger Communities Program grants will be available in 2015-16 and 2016-17 to support small capital projects which improve local community participation. Grants of between $5,000 and $20,000 will be available for projects.  All projects will need to demonstrate matched funding for the project either in cash or in-kind. 

Funding of $150,000 per year over two years will be able to support projects in each electorate. 

Examples of projects that may be funded under the program include:

  • construction and fit-out of men’s sheds;

  • fit-out of community centres, health centres including kitchen upgrades and equipment purchases such as computers, TVs and furniture and fittings;

  • sporting facility upgrades including new scoreboards, seating, new turf, fit-out out of changes rooms, new canteen, new lights, upgrade water systems, gymnasiums, skate parks; streetscapes;

  • bike paths; or

  • purchase of equipment for local SES. 

Organisations interested in applying for funding should register their interest with the offices of Sharon Bird (Cunningham) and Stephen Jones (Throsby) and include a brief outline of the project and interest parties will be notified when applications are open. 

Applications for projects are due to open in late August 2015 and will close by 30 October 2015 for projects to be funded in 2015-16 and by 30 April 2016 for projects to be funded in 2016-17. 

Further information regarding the Stronger Communities Programme can be found at