Labor’s Stephen Jones and Sharon Bird have welcomed steps by Telstra to compensate 42,000 consumers who have been sold a speed which Turnbull’s copper NBN cannot support.

“The figures released by the ACCC paint a shocking picture where 56 per cent of consumers who were sold a 100Mbps plan found the copper connection was not fit for purpose,” Mr Jones said.

“I have been calling for action on this matter for some time. This is a big win for Telstra customers right across Australia.

“It’s now imperative that other providers follow suit.”

Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird, said today’s decision had exposed Malcolm Turnbull’s copper NBN as a complete dud.

“These revelations make a complete mockery of Turnbull’s judgement when it comes to “engineering and economics,” Ms Bird said

“My office is constantly dealing with complaints about the NBN and its poor speeds, faults and failures.

“I welcome today’s decision and what it means for local residents receiving inadequate services.”

Labor has consistently led calls for more transparent disclosure of maximum attainable speeds on the copper NBN and will continue to fight to ensure consumers get a better deal.

Australians deserve a real broadband network that delivers the speeds and reliability they need for their businesses, education and a truly digitally-enabled society.