Thanks To Vocational Education Teachers On World Teachers' Day

Teachers play an important part not only in the lives of our children but also when, as adults, we study to get the skills we need to start our first job, start a career or retrain to re-enter the workforce.

World Teachers’ Day today presents a great opportunity to thank all teachers for the work that they do each day and I would particularly like to thank all the teachers working in vocational education, training our next generation of workers and providing pathways to further education for so many Australians.

Vocational education is a critical sector as it prepares people with the skills and expertise they need to participate in the workforce and provides upskilling for existing workers as our industries grow and transform.

Skilled workers are the engine room of the economy – we need them to drive the rejuvenation of existing industries; and to foster the creation of new ones.

To manage these pressures and to maintain our competitiveness we will be looking to our Vocational Education and Training (VET) system to provide the skilled workers when and where they are needed to drive our economy forward.

This is only possible because of the day-to-day excellence injected by the sector’s teachers. Labor would like to thank all our VET teachers. I would like to encourage all students to say thank you to your teachers when you return to your TAFE or training college this week.