Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, Amanda Rishworth has joined Member for Whitlam, Stephen Jones and Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird to talk to families in the Illawarra about the changes to the child care system.

There are 2984 families in the Illawarra who will be worse off from July 2 under the Turnbull Government’s unfair child care package.

This shocking number will see 1 in 5 families across the Illawarra electorate out of pocket.

This will come as a rude shock to local families who have been left in the dark by the Turnbull Government. Families rely on child care support to balance the budget – but this government is determined to make it harder to access early education.

These families are among the 279,000 families across the country that will be worse off under the Turnbull Government’s unfair child care package.

What makes this worse is the Education Department has confirmed 176,000 of these families are in the two lowest income brackets.

The new system is extremely complex and will be difficult for many families to understand. Families will need to know how they fit into one of three criteria to understand the rate they are subsided, including combined family income and an activity test.

It is so complicated, the Liberals have decided it is just easier to keep 5 per cent of the subsidy and give it back to families if they fluke getting their estimates right.

All of these changes are on top of the 18 per cent hike in fees since the election of the Liberal Government, which means families are on average paying more than $2,000 a year for their children to access early education.

Even access to four year old preschool is no longer assured under the Turnbull Government, with Labor recently launching its campaign calling on the government to commit to long term funding for our preschools.

With these new and complicated changes three months away the Minister must come clean with families in the Illawarra.