Sharon Bird today hosted a visit by Terri Butler, Labor’s Shadow Minister for, to talk to local University students about Malcolm Turnbull’s savage cuts to university funding.

The Liberal’s $2.2 billion of university cuts across the country are starting to hit hard.

Universities in New South Wales are losing $736 million.  Under these cuts the University of Wollongong will lose $51 million.

Since their election in 2013, the Liberals have ignored the University of Wollongong.

When Labor was last in office, we invested nearly $135 million into the construction of four new facilities at the University of Wollongong including the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre ($25.1 million), the Australian Institute for Innovative Materials ($42.8 million), the SMART facility ($35 million) and the Early Start Facility ($31 million).

Mr Turnbull put an effective cap on the number of student places when he cut $2.2 billion from universities in December 2017. 

The cap on places means thousands of Australians will miss out on university.  Labor doesn’t think that’s fair, so we have committed to uncap places if we win the next election.

This would see an additional 200,000 Australians get a place at university over 12 years. In Cunningham that would mean around 1,447 more people getting the opportunity of going to university.

“Both Terri and I are the first members of our family to graduate from University.  My family has five generations of coal miners and I was the first family member in five generations to graduate from University,” Sharon Bird said.

I am concerned that putting an effective cap on university places will mean that many future students won’t, like Terri and myself, be the first in their family able to go to university if that is their goal.

“Malcolm Turnbull is making it easier for big businesses to pay less tax and making it harder for kids to go to university.  It’s just not right,” Sharon Bird concluded.

Mr Turnbull’s priorities are all wrong.