Local Federal MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, slammed Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals for the chaos and madness that they have created in the Federal Parliament by cancelling the second last week of sittings of the House of Representatives.

Sharon Bird said the Turnbull Government was running scared and Malcom Turnbull was too afraid to face the Parliament and debate important issues such as marriage equality, penalty rates, a banking royal commission and citizenship.


“Many of my constituents are raising with me their concerns about ensuring there is no delay in legislation for marriage equality. 


“Week after week we hear stories about problems in the banking sector and Malcolm Turnbull is now refusing to talk about these issues.  He’s more than happy to unfairly whack unions who support fair wages and conditions for working people but he is refusing to ensure that the banking sector plays fair.


Stephen Jones said the decision to cancel a week of House of Representatives sitting pushes the Regional Broadband Scheme Bill back until next year.

This is an important bill that gives long term funding certainty to NBN’s satellite and fixed wireless broadband services.

Despite the Minister for Communications saying this bill was important government business that had to go through Parliament before the end of the year, it is now delayed until 2018.

This is a Liberal Government in chaos.  This is a Liberal Government that has lost control.  This is a Liberal Government that has got to go.