Turnbull Must Come Clean On TAFE-Destroying Takeover

It was something that the Prime Minister didn’t say in Question Time today that is even more cause for alarm following the leaked COAG-in-Confidence proposal for a Federal takeover of the vocational education system.


The Prime Minister was asked why he was planning a TAFE-destroying takeover of vocational education, why he was committed to $100,000 university degrees and opposing Labor’s Your Child. Our Future plan which will give every child in every school every opportunity.


The Prime Minister had the perfect opportunity to rule out his TAFE-destroying secret takeover plan but refused.  He refused to rule out shifting the cost burden onto students. 


What the Prime Minister also neglected to say was that under his Government’s watch, VET FEE-HELP loans skyrocketed from $699 million in 2013 to $1.7 billion in 2014 following their inability to stop shonks and sharks targeting vulnerable students in the training sector.


Families, workers, TAFE teachers and students around the country have today expressed their concern on social media and local radio stations.  They have every right to be fearful as the Prime Minister has clearly demonstrated that TAFE is in his sights by refusing to rule this TAFE-destroying takeover.


TAFE is the foundation of our vocational education system and to completely ignore its role in the future of vocational education signals the Turnbull Government’s real agenda.


This Liberal Government has ignored TAFE for more than two years, and Australians are rightly concerned that Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed takeover will lead to fewer students and more campus closures.


It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to come clean on his secret plan to destroy TAFE.