Turnbull Pushes Plans To Kill TAFE

Simon Birmingham’s plan for a Liberal takeover of vocational education will only mean cuts to funding - in particular for TAFE.

There are 100,000 less apprentices across the country since the Abbott/Turnbull government was elected.  In their very first budget they immediately cut $1 billion from apprenticeship support – a Budget supported “unreservedly and wholeheartedly” by Malcolm Turnbull.

The Abbott/Turnbull Government has already cut $2 billion from skills and training including $1 billion from apprentices.

Australians know that TAFE will be a thing of the past if Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for a Liberal takeover is allowed to happen.

While Abbott/Turnbull Government is constantly talking up their plan for a Liberal takeover, there has been no direct action on shonky providers and students still do not know which organisations are under investigation.

Mr Birmingham should listen to his Liberal colleagues in Tasmania and drop his plan to kill TAFE immediately. 

“The issue of VET - which is no state secret, as members opposite would suggest - was also included in that communiqué and was a matter for some discussion at COAG. As the minister said last week and as I say now, we do not support a national takeover of that system.”

Hon Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania

Hansard, 22 September 2015 

“We do not support a Federal takeover of our VET or TasTAFE in Tasmania.”


Hon Jeremy Rockliff, Tasmanian Minister for Education and Training, Hansard, 16 September 2015


Labor has a long and proud history of supporting vocational education - we want all young people to follow their ambitions and talents, whether that's through university or TAFE.

Only Labor has a plan that guarantees funding for TAFE for the future.

Visit www.alp.org.au/imbackingTAFE