Turnbull’s TAFE-Destroying Takeover

Federal Member for Jagajaga Jenny Macklin and Shadow Minister for Vocational Education Sharon Bird today called on the Turnbull Government to come clean about its plans for a Federal takeover of the vocational education system during a visit to Melbourne Polytechnic to listen to the concerns of students.


Malcolm Turnbull’s secret plans to take-over vocational education will be a disaster for TAFE campuses in Victoria. 


The Liberals cannot be trusted with our TAFE system.  Under the Liberals watch the vocational education and training sector has been in crisis with VET FEE-HELP loans escalating from $699 million in 2013 to $1.7 billion in 2014 following their inability to stop shonks and sharks targeting vulnerable students in the training sector.


They have also cut almost $2.5 billion from skills and training, including $1 billion from apprentice programs and the Tools for Your Trade program.  The Liberals have also axed great programs like the National Workforce Development Fund and language, literacy and numeracy programs.


The Liberals have an appalling track record in the vocational education sector so far – they cannot be trusted with our TAFEs.


The former Victorian Liberal Government decimated TAFE in Victoria.  Now Steve Herbert and Victorian Labor are working hard to restore our TAFE system. 


Only Labor has a plan to protect and strengthen TAFE.  A Shorten Labor Government will guarantee TAFE funding into the future by working with Premiers and Chief Ministers on a comprehensive National Priority Plan that defines the role of TAFE and places it squarely as the public provider within the VET sector.


The $1 billion cut to apprentices has seen apprentice numbers across Australia plummet from 407,000 in June 2013 to 308,000 in June 2015.  


In Jagajaga, apprentice numbers have fallen by a third from 1,449 in June 2014 to 1,011 in March 2015.  


The Turnbull Government cannot be trusted with education.  


The Liberals have cut almost $2.5 billion from skills and training.


The Liberals have cut $30 billion from our schools.


On top of all that Mr Turnbull also wants to cut university funding by 20 per cent and deregulate fees which could see students paying $100,000 for a university degree.


Malcom Turnbull needs to come clean on his plans for a TAFE-destroying vocational education takeover.