Two Billion Dollar Broken Promise To Australia's Apprentices and Workers

“The Coalition will provide better support for Australia’s apprentices.”

Real Solutions, 2013

Tony Abbott’s Budget of broken promises will take the axe to vital support for Australia’s apprentices and workers, putting our skills base and future job creation at risk.

The Abbott Government’s Budget is cutting nearly $1 billion in support payments under the Tools for Your Trade program.

Before the election, Tony Abbott promised Australia’s 400,000 apprentices more financial assistance to help learn their trade and find a good job.  After the election, he is ripping away some of that support and breaking his promise to apprentices.  

Youth unemployment is unacceptably high, particularly in regional communities.  Tony Abbott says that young people must ‘earn or learn’, yet he is taking away important programs that support young people.

The Abbott Government’s Budget is also slashing a further $1 billion in investment in skills and training by abolishing these programs:

  • National Workforce Development Fund
  • Workplace English Language and Literacy Programme
  • Australian Apprenticeships Access Programme
  • Accelerated Australian Apprenticeships Programme
  • Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Programme
  • National Partnership Agreement on Training Places for Single Parents
  • Alternative Pathways Programme
  • Apprenticeship to Business Owner Programme
  • Productive Ageing through Community Education
  • Step Into Skills Programme

These programs are critical in providing basic literacy and numeracy skills, and up-skilling existing workers to meet the needs of the modern workplace. 

Tony Abbott says he wants people to work until they are 70, but at the same time he is cutting investment in training for workers.  His priorities are completely twisted.  

Investing in skills delivers a growing economy, with strong employment and improved productivity. The Abbott Government refuses to invest in Australia’s workers, industries and regions.  They are selling our future short.

The Prime Minister promised before the election that he would create one million new jobs – but all he’s done since is send jobs overseas and cut support for skills and training.

The Abbott Government has betrayed Australian apprentices and workers with these cruel cuts.