Two Choices For TAFE Under Liberals: Destroy Or Neglect

The NSW Liberal Government’s announcement today that they will dismantle local TAFE Institutes is yet another example of the deceptive and sneaky behavior of the Liberals when it comes to TAFE.

The NSW Liberals have obviously had this planned for some time but failed to announce this prior to the federal election. They have already sacked over 5,000 teachers and staff, cut TAFE courses, cut teaching hours for students and implemented massive fee rises.

These changes will mean more of the same from the NSW Liberal Government – they will not stop until they have destroyed TAFE, yet the community won’t hear a peep out of Malcolm Turnbull’s team when it comes to supporting TAFE.

At a Federal level, the Liberals had absolutely no new policies to protect TAFE or support apprentices going into the election.  Not one. 

There have been reports of secret documents supporting a federal takeover and full competition but Malcolm Turnbull refused to come clean on their plans for TAFE in the lead up to the election.

Under the Liberals there are only two choices when it comes to TAFE: destroy or neglect.

The Abbott/Turnbull Government mismanaged the VET FEE-HELP loans scheme which saw it escalate from $699 million in 2013 to $1.7 billion in 2014 and to over $3 billion for 2015. 

Under the Liberals, across Australia apprentice numbers have fallen by 136,400. In September 2013 there were 415,000 apprentices in training. After just two years of the Liberals’ neglect, by December 2015 this had dropped to just 278,600 apprentices in training.

The Liberals cannot be trusted with TAFE and skills.