Two Years Of Tony = Two Billion In Cuts To Skills

Two years of Tony Abbott has meant $2 billion in cuts to skills funding. 

In Tony Abbott’s very first Budget and at every opportunity since, the Abbott Government took the axe to almost every bit of funding for apprentices including:

  • $1 billion in cuts to apprenticeship programs such as mentoring, access and the Apprentice to Business Owner program  in the 2014-15 Budget;

  • Replaced apprentice support with apprentice debt by abolishing the Tools for Your Trade Program;

  • Rebadged and cut funding to Australian Apprenticeship Centres;

  • Abolished the Joint Group Training program;

  • Cutting support for adult apprentices; and

  • Put forward zero new ideas for training people for the jobs of the future.

They have also abolished other skills programs such as the National Workforce Development Program and the Workplace English Language Literacy Program.  In MYEFO in December they made cuts to the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program. 

We should be investing in training the workforce of the future – not cutting every program that helps to train people to enter or re-enter the workforce. 

Two years of Tony has meant the decimation of skills and training and Australians are paying the price.