University of Wollongong to drive research to benefit all Australians

The University of Wollongong will receive $6,913,427, as part of the Australian Research Council’s major grants, to deliver twenty one research projects that will benefit Australians, drive innovation and keep Australia at the forefront of science globally.

Sharon Bird today congratulated the University of Wollongong on its success.

“Researchers at the University of Wollongong will take part in research that has the potential to change our everyday lives, to improve our health, to understand our history,” Ms Bird said.

“This funding will give the university the chance to be part of that and deliver results that will benefit Australians.”

Minister for Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans, said the Gillard Government is making an investment in research and researchers to help deliver solutions to national problems and improve the lives of Australians.

“The Gillard Government recognises the role research plays in keeping us innovative and competitive.” Minister Evans said.

“This research will deliver results that not only benefit Australians, but keeps Australia at the forefront of global science.

“From 2012 to 2015, we will invest $58.9 billion in core university funding – that’s $30.1 billion in additional funding for universities – more than double the level of funding on the previous four years under John Howard.”

Ms Bird indicated that the Wollongong University projects span a variety of issues – geospatial technology, solar energy conversion, human behaviour complexity, mobile ecologies, and public health promotional programs.

The new research projects will be funded under the ARC Discovery Projects, Discovery Indigenous, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award and Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities schemes.