UOW Leads The Way For The Illawarra

The University of Wollongong (UOW) today highlighted the investments it is making in innovation and advanced manufacturing to assist the Illawarra through its period of economic transition 


During a visit to the UOW, Labor’s Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Industry, Senator Kim Carr said the university is making strong investments to ensure that high skill, high wage manufacturing jobs are a big part of the region’s future.


“The university's investments are being made in the face of the Liberals’ plans to cut $102 million from the UOW budget” Senator Kim Carr said.


Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird MP said that UOW is an integral part of the regional economy and any plans to cut the university’s funding and burden students with a lifetime of debt will have a devastating impact on the Illawarra.


“The last thing the Illawarra needs is Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for $100,000 degrees and $12 billion in university funding cuts.”


“In Government, Labor invested nearly $135 million in the construction of four new facilities at the University of Wollongong – the Abbott/Turnbull Governments have not invested a cent to grow the University.


Member for Throsby, Stephen Jones MP said that Labor wants to support more universities like UOW to be increasingly responsive to the needs of the local labour market, especially in manufacturing regions in transition.


“That is why we held an industry roundtable with the Illawarra manufacturing unions this morning, to discuss how Labor in Government will work with unions, universities and industry to maintain the Illawarra as a vibrant hub for manufacturing."


The Abbott/Turnbull Liberals have done nothing for the Illawarra. All they want to do is slug local students with a lifetime of debt, cut universities, and gamble with jobs in the Australian steel industry.


Labor wants to the see the Illawarra remain the home of high quality steel production and advanced manufacturing. Only Labor understands the role of universities, industry and the Commonwealth in making that happen.