VET Roundtable Summit Proposal Commended


Sharon Bird today welcomed the decision by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) to hold a roundtable summit of education and training industry leaders to address issues in the sector.


The vocational training sector has been reeling from the effects of a rolling series of media stories relating to dodgy recruitment practices, poor-quality courses and other shonky behaviour over the past couple of years.


Under Rod Camm’s leadership at ACPET, they have developed a new Code of Ethics which will help to ensure that members of ACPET are quality providers.


“I have met with a number of private providers who have suffered because of shonky operators in the sector and Mr Camm has detailed his commitment to helping to clean up the sector. I think this is a positive step forward and I welcome ACPET’s proposal to hold a roundtable summit,” Sharon Bird said.


“There are also going to be many more challenges for the training sector. 


“At ACPET’s conference last week, I took the opportunity to speak about the challenges for education and training from digital disruption and the opportunities in a collaborative economy.


“The sector needs to look at the significant impact that emerging and ever-evolving technology will have on how we work and how we train workers for the future in order for the workforce to grow and succeed.


“Labor looks forward to working with all stakeholders in the VET sector to develop good public policy to train the workers for the jobs of today, and the jobs of tomorrow.”