Where Are The Liberal Illawarra Candidates?

With just 57 days left until election day the Liberals still don’t have candidates for the federal seats of Cunningham or Whitlam.


Cunningham MP Sharon Bird said that the delay in pre-selecting candidates was revealing.


“They are clearly ignoring the region and taking it for granted. Wherever their priorities lie, they certainly don’t lie in the Illawarra. It’s a bit hard to debate the major election issues without a local candidate!


“As things stand at this point it seems that when voters turn up on election day the ballot paper will have an empty spots where the Liberal candidates should be.”


Stephen Jones said that the omission was part of a larger trend.


“Labor is working hard for the region, we understand the needs of local communities and the importance of listening to the concerns of everyday people.


“We have a plan for steel whilst the Liberals have just ignored the future of the steelworks. The Industry Minister, Christopher Pyne, still hasn’t visited Port Kembla and spoken to BlueScope workers.


“No wonder they haven’t chosen any candidates for Whitlam of Cunningham yet, they don’t have a plan for the Illawarra.”


FRIDAY, 6 MAY 2016