Why Won't The Government Help Gen Y Apprentices?

Reports in today’s Daily Telegraph that the apprenticeship system is in crisis, with 50 per cent of trainees dropping out each year, should send alarm bells through the Abbott Government and prompt them to finally start paying attention to this area.

“All we have seen from Tony Abbott is $1 billion in cuts to apprenticeship programs,” Sharon Bird said.

 In addition, the Government has:

  •  Replaced apprentice support with apprentice debt;
  • Rebadged and cut funding to Australian Apprenticeship Centres;

  • Abolished the Joint Group Training program;

  • Put forward no new ideas for training people for the jobs of the future. 

“The Abbott Government continuously states that they want to be led by industry and employers.  Today Innes Willox has confirmed that the apprentice system is under strain.  Minister Birmingham must put forward some proposals to help young Australians with starting and completing an apprenticeship.


“The Minister has said he is desperately working on policies but we are yet to see anything but a continuous succession of cuts.


“what we’re desperately trying to do now is work on policies and strategies that can rebuild the system”


Minister Simon Birmingham, 2GB, 21 May 2015


“The Abbott Government promised they would provide better support for Australians apprentices yet they have failed to deliver anything but cuts.  There are reports that the system is in crisis yet we hear nothing from the Minister.


“The Abbott Government needs to start putting forward strategies to help young Australians to start and complete an apprenticeship so that they can obtain the jobs of the future.”