Will Abbott support Illawarra steel industry jobs?

Tony Abbott must come clean today and tell Illawarra steel workers clearly whether the Liberal-National Party will support their jobs and their industry, Federal Illawarra Labor MP’s, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, demanded this morning.

“While BlueScope Steel has welcomed the Commonwealth Government’s Clean Energy Future package and the Steel Transformation Plan, Tony Abbott is planning to rip apart the protection and security of jobs in the Illawarra steel industry.

“Mr Abbott must come clean: he either supports steel jobs or he doesn’t. Illawarra steel workers want to know today which is it?”, Ms Bird said.

Stephen Jones said, “The Steel Transformation Plan was developed in response to specific issues relating to the steel industry.

“It’s been welcomed by BlueScope Steel and it is almost unbelievable that Tony Abbott and the Liberal-National Party are now intending to block the package”, he said.

The Federal Illawarra Labor MP’s said that they were pleased with the Clean Energy Future package, particularly the household compensation available to pensioners, self-funded retirees, and families in the Illawarra region.

“The majority of households in Wollongong and the Illawarra will be compensated by either pension increases, payments to self-funded retirees, tax cuts and family payments for families”, Ms Bird said.

Mr Jones said that, “This package will also help small businesses with an increase in the write-off for depreciable assets from $5000 to $6500 from the 2012-13 income year”.