Will New NBN Rollout Areas Get Second-Rate Copper Option?



Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones today welcomed the addition of new suburbs to the NBN build map but called on the Abbott Government to stop being secretive and reveal whether new NBN rollout areas will be getting fibre to the premise or the second-rate fibre to the node option and also clarify when the missing suburbs will be getting the NBN.


“While I welcome the information that new suburbs have been added as “Build Preparation”, in particular the northern suburbs who have been campaigning on this issue, it is very important for all the residents in all the new areas to be given advice on what technology is going to be used,” Sharon Bird said.


“I am constantly being contacted by local residents who want to know which service they are getting and when they are going to get it.  This has become a major issue for thousands of people across our region desperately waiting for fast reliable broadband. 


“People from Clifton through to Helensburgh, as well as Bundeena, Maianbar, Waterfall and Heathcote are still desperately trying to find out when they will be getting the NBN.  Current ADSL ports are overloaded and people are getting frustrated.  This isn’t being helped by the secret-squirrel operations of the Abbott Government.


Stephen Jones said that much of his electorate still remained in the dark about when they would be getting services.


“Many parts of Throsby are still unaware of when they were getting the NBN – places like Oak Flats, Albion Park, Albion Park Rail, Yallah, Primbee, Windang, Berkeley, Robertson, Exeter and Sutton Forrest still have no idea when they will be getting the NBN.


It is time for this Government to come clean and let people know what the plans are, when they will be getting the NBN and what sort of technology will be used.